At Miller Chemical & Supply Company, we are deeply committed to provide you with quality products covering all your needs as a professional seller, detailer, and care-taker of cars. We are distributors for most major product brands and also offer private label products for the cost conscious user. Many of our products are already biodegradable and we are hard at work to add more eco-friendly choices every day. Our prompt and reliable delivery service will ship all your products right to your door.

Detailing Products
We carry paint correctors, polishes, glazes, waxes, sealants, upholstery & leather cleaners, spot removers, carpet dyes, bumper & headlight restorers, glues, tire dressings, degreasers, brighteners, overspray protectors and removers, lubes, oils, greases, parts cleaners, tar removers and other solvents

Detailing Tools &
Shop Supplies

We carry a broad assortment of hand and rotary buffers, buffing pads, sponges, applicators, brushes, mops, towels, cloths, scuff pads, scrapers, razor blades, steel wool, sprayers and spray guns, dispensers, transfer containers, floor mats, paper & plastic covers, gloves, respirators, edges, trimmings, tapes, work benches, filters, and much more needed by the detailing and cleaning professional.

Cleaning Products
We carry a broad variety of cleaning products for the professional car wash, detailing shop or even your car dealership, such as wash foams, shampoos, pre-soaks, odor removers, air fresheners, perfumes, glass cleaners, bug and insect removers, tree-sap removers, rinse and drying agents, all-purpose cleaners, tire & wheel cleaners, acid cleaners, break and parts cleaners, floor cleaners, interior cleaners for leather, upholstery, vinyl, air-vents, carpets and much more.

Are you looking for a specific product or do you have a particular challenge you are trying to address? Contact our friendly customer service at (814) 641-7400 and we will help you work it out. We are as serious about taking good care of cars as you are!