Welcome to the Miller Chemical & Supply Company!

We are your partner for products and know-how in servicing and detailing new and used cars. Our friendly customer service and our knowledgeable sales team will work with you closely to get the best products and supplies you need to provide the very best service to your customer. We hold regular demonstrations in how to use our products for optimal results. Have a specific issue you’re trying to resolve? We’ll work with you to find a workable solution to satisfy your customer. So look around and get in touch. We are here to help you.

Miller Products Provide Superior Value

Besides our featured product brands, Miller Chemical & Supply Company also provides our own private label products. They have been tested by our car detailing experts to ensure superior product performance at an affordable price, thus offering you an exceptional value proposition. Please contact us with your detailed questions. Private label products are offered in cleaning chemicals, waxes as well as selected supplies.